Kendall Jenner Photos with Basketball star Ben Simmons

Cute Kendall Jenner girl really love basketball which is more than evidently. Ben Simmons with who she is laced several times is really sexy man. Is not first time when Kendall Jenner searched in the river of this popular sport. Before Ben Simmons she was in love with Blake Griffin. Now paparazzi taked her photos with star of NBA. He plays for Philadelphia. They starting meet for couple of weeks together. Their friends told that they are going for the dinner together, walking and for shopping. Is no doubt that model Jenner found new love in her life.

Kendall Jenner with her lovers on photos

Before fans saw her with Ben Simmons on several photos they could see her also with basketball stars as Jordan Clarkson and Blake Griffin. Famous model, celebrity and star Kendall Jenner was laced with Ben Simmons in the hotel in the Beverly Hills. They had lunch together, smiled and talked well. There is no paparazzi photos which can confirm they relationship but they spent together much time. Is only question of the time when we will see some intimate photos of upcoming couple.

However they are dating more than several weeks together no one officialy didnĀ“t show that they are really officialy couple. We will wait what time brings to their relationship. Kendall Jenner looks with Ben Simmons really good and they are cute couple.

What do you mean about their relationship and photos?

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