Kanye & Kim LOVE photos

American celebrity and popular star Kim Kardashian and known rapper Kanye West had a wedding 24.05.2014. The wedding took place in Italy in Florence. The pompous wedding cost a lot of money. Bruce Jenner brought the upcomming wife to the altar. At the wedding, the singer Andrea Bocelli and also a top photographer ensured their romance. Beautiful photos of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West flow around the world.

Kanye West was smile and happy in photos. Before the wedding, however, he was nervous and face as stone. Well, even celebrities are just people. Kim Kardashian was wearing a beautiful long wedding dress. They were really expensive, but she was really as a princess in the photos.

Kardashian West beginning

Kim Kardashian and her husband were hiding at first and trying to hide their relationship. Gradually, however, their shared photos appeared on the Internet. The famous star with big ass has wedding third time with rapper. She has three children and, together with Kanye West, was born just before the wedding of his North West daughter. Their relationship came out publically in April 2012, when they began officially dating. They immediately published common photos from their loved lives. Rapper asked for her hand on his 33 birthday at the Bejzbal Stadium. Hand request and photos were pompously the same as their wedding. Even the Kim Kardashian wedding ring was not a cheap affair. It cost $ 500,000 and was given her just after the birth of their joint daughter, North West.

Nearly 200 guests have arrived for a brilliant event on private aircraft. The wedding was held in a giant palace, surrounded by a security guard, and privacy was provided by the exuberant and rough walls that hid a beautiful bride, a groom and hundreds of guests. A luxurious banquet was held at the Versailles Chateau where a private tour was prepared for the guests of the bride and groom. The wedding cost a couple of million dollars, but the popular pair did not make a heavy head. Their happy photos say everything.

The relationship between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian looks really like a fairy tale. Today, they raise children together and participate in jointly-popular social events around the world. A familiar couple is a truly charismatic couple. We believe that it will hold them together. About her children are take care also babysitters. However, her sisters, Kanye herself and the whole family will also be glad to help. However, she was cope with the complications of the child's birth, and therefore she decided next for the surrogate. It has long been speculated that the role of a substitute mother is to cover her sister. Anyway, the cople Kim and Kanye are really beautiful. Which photo does a couple of you have a celebrity couple feel happiest about?

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  • Kanye and Kim are cute together. I hope we will see more photos of them. Luv

    on 2018-10-14 13:18:11