Kylie Jenner has baby girl in 2018, photos here

Just 20 years old star has reason for smile. Kylie Jenner was long time marked as surrogate for Kim Kardashian. Fans of popular Kardashian thoughts that surrogate for her baby is Kylie. Is not true it was only fake new as there Jenner was pregnant in the same time as Kim and fans saw photos. It was just coincidence and Jenner and Kardashian can care about their babies together in almost same time. Kylie Jenner give birth baby girl little Stormi.

Kylie Jenner love butterfly, photos told it

Everyone thought that young Jenner will choose for her baby some name which will remind some connection with butterflies. Kylie wear on photos ring with butterfly and also dad of her daughter gave her diamond necklace with this cute flying animal.

Kylie Jenner wanted hide her pregnant photos before eyes of paparazzi, fans and followers. But in the 1. februar was know that the little girl is on the world so Jenner told it officialy. She is now mommy of really cute little baby girl. So now is the famous star really happy with her family and baby girl looks on the photos almost perfect. Kylie care about her well and small Stormi is happy baby.

Did you know that Kylie Jenner has tattoo on her leg with butterfly? What do you think about her cute baby girl name and photos?

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