Jenner is pregnant, she looks amazing on photos

About this that the young Kylie Jenner is pregnant was silent lot´s of time. Famous star didn´t want to tell the secret to her followers, fans and public. But after months was in year 2018 her big secret public. In February she told also by photos, that she is so happy from upcoming baby. It was nice day for her fans and Kylie didn´t need hide her big belly more. She started shows her pregnant photos to every people on instagram, facebook and all social networks where she has million followers.

Kylie was perfect in keeping seecret about her pregnancy. Any paparazzi didn´t catch her photos with pregnant belly. Famous Jenner told about her pregnancy to fans not by photos but by article on instagram where she has more than 100 millions followers. After her article she immediately reach almost 1 million comments and more than 10 millions likes. In the article she wrote that her pregnancy has been the most beautiful life changing experiance. She also thank her family and her near friends for helping during this time. She was happy that this information was so privat for her and her partner Travis Scott. On the 1st February she gave birth to beautiful baby and she wrote that this big blessing was so amazing feeling that she never felt. She was also wrote, that she needed prepare for this new lifetime and she needed be healthy, stress free and she wanted keep away her baby from any stress. She is now happy from her beautifull baby girl. On the photos you can see how beautifull mommy she is.

Thanks pregnancy looks Kylie Jenner happier on photos

Her baby girl Stormi is really cute one. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott looks on photos as happy as never before. Kylie photos looks more cute and she looks really natural and full of happiness. After her pregnancy secret goes out she share also video on the youtube where she showed to world her whole pregnancy. In the next time she shared also some photos of her pregnancy for her followers and people who love her.

What do you think about her secret? Do you like her amazing pregnant photos?

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  • Kylie Jenner looks amazing also on her pregnant photos! She is best from Kradashian´s

    on 2018-10-14 13:14:23