Jenner and Scott on photos as couple

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have this year reason for celebration. Their love bring them amazing little baby. But how their relationship started?

Kylie Jenner was couple with Tyga for more than 2 years. After their break was Travis Scott who take care about model Kylie. Jenner started shows their love on the Coachella fest where the couple Jenner-Scott goes through fans hand in hand. Travis Scott was before in couple with Rihanna. She was in shock when she saw Kylie and Travis together. On social networks Rihanna wrote comment for their relationship, she wrote just one word "Disgusting". Rihanna looks that she was not away from their broke up but now is everything change. Travis and Kylie have baby together and Riri can just watch them in big love.

Kylie and Scott on the photos from video clip Justine Skye

Their starts was seen also on photos where Jenner and Scott was on the basketball match together. They kissed and hold hands each other. Their fans was really thunderstruck from their relationship and photos where Kylie and Travis shows their deep love. So, from the start was all diffenrent and now couple have cute baby together. Kylie Jenner looks on the photos really happy and we can just quess if their love will last forever.

Also Tyga has not problem about broked up with beautiful Kylie. He shared, immediately after they end relation, photos with girls around him. Also photos where he is around expensive cars, nice women and he shows his relax side to whole world. It was maybe because Travis Scott was all the time near the Kylie Jenner and their photos together during she leave Tyga was talked everything.

What do you thing about this couple? Is Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott as cute on the photos as we think?

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